Otinova® for your family

Prepare, prevent and protect.

Otinova® Ear Spray

Otinova® Ear Spray


Don’t let an outer ear infection spoil your holiday.

Reduce suffering from itchiness and inflammation of the ear canal quickly.

Continue to enjoy water-based activities that may irritate sensitive ears.

Unique composition that is scientifically documented and proven.

Easily applied by spraying directly into the into the ear canal

Free of antibiotics and cortisone (steroid).

Why Otinova?

Using Otinova routinely when you or the kids are in and out of the pool will help to prevent swimmer’s ear and protect the ear canal from infection. Otinova is an astringent mixture of aluminium acetate which will have a drying effect in the ear canal, helping to relieve itching and making it a less friendly environment for bacteria.

One spray in each ear after swimming will help to dry the ear canal and help to maintain the ear’s natural ecosystem.

Otinova cannot be used with a perforated eardrum

Do not use if you have a sensitivity to any of the ingredients, we recommend a patch test on the skin prior to administering the spray.

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